Glenn’s been sketching for as long as he can remember, whether his subject be sports, animals, or caricatures of friends, family, and personal heroes. Among other ambitions, he aspired to be a Mad magazine artist as a child, and later a Disney artist. With little formal training, he pursued art simply as a hobby, honing his skills making cartoon flip pads with schoolmates, designing t-shirts for clubs and fraternities, and working as an artist and editor for various newspapers and publications. Though each work holds special meaning for him, he prefers not to analyze his own paintings, but to let viewers interpret them as they wish, and discern what relevance, impact, or symbolism each piece may have with respect to their own lives. Describing Life as “an opportunity to create meaning”, Glenn perceives art as an interpretation of life, and somehow therefore a measure of or reflection on the value we choose to give it. Inspired by too many artists to list, Glenn finds something to emulate in almost all of them, and is thankful for their dedication, contributions, and risks which have helped him develop his own style and derive even more meaning from his own work. He endeavors to give something back through his art, and hopes you enjoy it.