Dear Guests,
I’m sorry to advise that my old guest book host went out of business, and we lost several hundred entries since 2002. So if you haven’t left a note before, I’d love to hear from you. And even if you have, welcome back, and please feel free to add new remarks.
Cheers, Glenn

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30 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. Omar says:

    Hey Glenn — keep up the good work!

  2. Fred says:

    Glenn dude,
    Awesome art & great writing. Esp. the FAO one! Keep it going.

  3. John Fox says:

    Dear Glenn, I enjoyed your site. While cleaning e-mail, I found that I’d mailed you some files from NMITC when you attended the NIIC course. I hope you found them useful. I am fully compensated by finding your site. My hobby is to play music and to fool around with 3ds max, ToonBoom, and Corel Painter. V/r, John

  4. CARLOS says:

    Thank you for your kindness

  5. Jeremy says:

    Glenn, it was great meeting you in class. Your website is truly awesome and I can see that you’re artistically extremely talented in addition to being one of the greatest souls I’ve met in a while. Keep in touch man. Have fun over spring break.

  6. Chike says:

    I’ll let my friend know about this website. It’s awesome. Keep it up!!

  7. Glenn, I really appreciate your positive feedback on my music. You’re a wonderful artist with a dynamic spirit, we should really keep in touch. Talk to you soon.

  8. Laura says:

    Beautiful work! And here I just thought you were hot on the dance floor. So full of surprises.

  9. Ken Tate says:

    Hahaha Glen — it is nice to see you humor us all with your very faulty outlines. I am happy you are so far up school to have time to make extra outlines — in my case I shouldn’t have read them before the test because now I’m confused!!! =]

  10. Dear Glenn:

    I stopped by your website after a long time without visiting it. I can compare the experience to that of a person who is driving through a part of town and suddenly remembers: “My friend Glenn used to live around the corner. I wonder how he is doing”, and decides to stop by and pay a visit.
    And the visit brought back warm memories of table set for many, of moments where, as you used to say, one could not very well follow the threat of conversation with so many people talking at once, but where friendship was simply there waiting for those who knew how to cultivate it.
    It brought back memories of long conversations in the Boston evenings, and the joy of discovering experiences in common, a common bridge. They are cherished memories, not without a touch of saudade.
    As I continue to plow the fields of art and life, I realize with greater clarity that we artists have been honored with a great gift: the power to build bridges: bridges made of words, of color, of images, of sounds; bridges to connect our perceptions with those of others, to provide words for others to realize that their stories and personal processes are not so different from ours; that we have stopped at similar places along the road, drank from the same gobblet of joy, pain, sorrows, and struggles.
    The difference is that we have words, paintings, and means to express it; bridges to reach others who now can say: “Yes, I know what you are talking about, I just didn’tt know how to put it.”
    And through those bridges, we bring inner realities to the surface, we place them before our eyes and those of others, we look at them together, we can almost touch them, name them, understand them, and find new strings in our heart to empathyse with people and nature.
    Thanks for the bridges you have chosen to build and maintain, for realizing that they are not the only ones possible; for your desire to learn new “building techniques”, new languages of expression, for remembering that “the essential is invisible to the eyes”, and for remaining awake to life and its daily miracles and adventures.
    Un abrazo.

  11. Amy Lillis says:

    Always great to spend some time with you.Hope you find your way to New York again soon. Love, Grace and Jerry

  12. Liz Cheadle says:

    This is great! Thanks for letting me know about it. See you soon.

  13. Sean Raymond says:

    Is this Glenn Yeck from Mater Dei?

  14. Get pics! Where haven’t you been?

  15. hi Glenn
    i`m a swiss artist living in brazil and a a friend of Philippe who gave me your address
    I like very mutch your portraits
    much success

  16. Daniel Novey says:

    Wow! You are a man of many talents.

  17. exquisite,, genuine interest in purchase and ordering. please keep me on your email list. thank you for sharing. Beautiful and inspirational. Dont stop!! =)

  18. Nelanie says:

    On a lark, I decided to stop by your website and am so pleased to see you’re as creative, busy and colorful as ever!

    I will need to contact you about getting print or two. 🙂

    God Bless.


  19. Amanda says:

    what a wonderful host you are in these rich lands of the angels! thank you thank you thank you and you remember my chopsticks are your chopsticks. i’ll keep you posted on airfare deals. keep painting atop those mountains.

  20. Linda Carofano says:

    Wow, I enjoyed your art so much and feel honored to have the picture you painted for me. Take care Glen.

  21. Phil & Rosa says:

    Dear Glenn! Rosa also loved your Art! Your ability to paint reality with such colourful creativity gives wings to our imagination.

  22. Laticia says:

    hi friend how are you? have not heard from you in a while. happy new year and b lated merry christmas. i wanted to see updated pictures, but your picture is off line. Well see it next time be bless. sunset place 24.

  23. These paintings speak of the deep timelessness of eternity. Forever am I changed by your message of peace and love. God bless you.

  24. Whendi Clark says:

    This site is are 1 talented man. It was a pleasure to meet you.

  25. Alberto Cavalieri says:

    Hola Glenn, espero que te encuentres muy bien. Estoy aqui en Miami, queria invitarte para mi solo show este jueves 12 en wynwood. La galeria se llama art nouveau. Mandame tu numero telefonico para llamarte. Un abrazo amigo

  26. James Mize says:

    Noodling around on Google and pulled up the pic of you presenting “Seattle” to me at the PILP auction. I love the painting; it graces my office wall. Glad you are still doing good work and pursuing great, interesting adventures.


  27. One Team One Fight Ship Mates!

  28. I am honored to have met you Glenn, and to share a few bus trips. Inspiration comes from those moments and people that interrupt your routine. I am glad you interrupted mine.

  29. Lucas Kolk says:

    My mom and I were reading your letter you wrote to our class and so we are checking out your website.

    Lucas Kolk
    Mrs. Kearns class, Soleado Elementary, RPV CA

  30. Jessica Andrewn says:

    Amazing! I’ve never seen anything like this, you are extremely talented….wow!
    I hope you will be taking this series to the next level!!!