The first time that you kissed me,
That moment became forever.
Spontaneity overwhelming,
More surprise at first than pleasure.

So completely taken,
Way too far gone,
Utterly defenseless,
‘Neath those tender lips so strong.

Your way so uplifting,
Believed that I could fly,
Enchanted by the harmony,
In just your knowing sigh.

Aware of simply nothing else,
Transcending here and now,
Fast-forward to eternity,
I’m out there on the bow.

Initial vulnerability,
Then victory through surrender,
The more I lost myself in you,
The more I found my center.

And as evening turned to morning,
My heart was less so mine,
As element melts to alloy,
With you it intertwined,

With you it intertwined,
And since then for you it’s pined.

Written by Glenn Yeck | Comments Off on Kiss